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1. Where is Rueter-Hess Reservoir located?
2. When will Rueter-Hess Reservoir be completed?
3. Where does the water go?
4. When will the trail system be complete?
5. Are dogs and horses allowed?
6. How will Rueter-Hess be used?
7. For water availability purposes, is Rueter-Hess Reservoir a long-term solution?
8. Is Rueter-Hess Reservoir open to the general public?
9. Are there opportunities for recreation at the reservoir in 2019?
10. What makes Rueter-Hess Reservoir unique?
11. Is "body contact" allowed in the water?
12. Why can't the reservoir be open to the public "Now"?
13. Will fishing be included at the reservoir?
14. What is the plan for Standup Paddle Boarding?
15. What are the water temps at Rueter-Hess?